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annOur Vision
LinKenya aims to link like minded individuals, enabling them to bring aid, food clothing and education to Kenya, contributing to a positive outcome for those less fortunate.

Money for Kimalewa in West Kenya was first raised by John and Dorrette Broadhead in 2000 who would organise sponsored walks as well as collect and donate clothing for the villagers. It was only after their trip to Kenya in 2006 that Ann Marie and Mindy decided to take over the fundraising effort and began to develop LinKenya.


Since 2006, Linkenya has donated clothes and educational materials to the underprivileged in Kenya. LinKenya has also sponsored 14 underprivileged school children who would have been unable to pay for their education without the charities help.

Our Yearly Mission
LinKenya is a hands on charity and we endeavour to show our sponsors how their money is being donated responsibly. As such, our volunteers visit underprivileged inhabitants of Kenya on a yearly basis with donated clothes and educational materials.

This is also an opportunity to catch up with our sponsored students and to gauge their progress. We also interview other underprivileged children who need contributions towards their school fees so as to start or continue their educations.


We need your donations to help educate a child in Kenya